Best Surfing Tips For Beginners

One of the most enthralling outdoor activities is surfing. The sheer thrill of riding on the wave and racing on the crest is very entertaining. When you grasp all concepts of surfing and become a pro, it becomes a way of life. However, many people always find it difficult to start their surfing journey because they take the wrong approach. To commence in the surfing world and become a pro, here are some useful tips to guide you.

• Know the surfboard

Before you can even venture into the water, you need to know the surfboard. Most surfboards are designed to float naturally. If you place the board in a pool of water, it will take a resting position because of the well-positioned center of gravity. It is this position that you need to target when you get into the water. Make sure to get the natural surfboard balance so that the board does not dig into the water or jerk backward, but float naturally allowing you to ride on top of every wave.

• Paddling the surfboard

When you get into the water and want to paddle towards the waves, you should not use both hands simultaneously. This makes the board to speed and then slow down such that you do not catch-up with the waves at full speed. Make sure to paddle using crawl stroke (alternating the hands) so that you can catch the wave at a constant speed.

• Sitting in your surfboard

Having learned how to lie on the board and paddle, it is important to also learn how to sit on the board. The secret here is being as still as possible. Well, it will look wobbly at first but you will master it over time. If the waves are taking longer to arrive, you can simply sit on the board and enjoy the buoyancy.

• Standing on the surfboard

After paddling and catching up with the wave, it is time to stand and surf all the way at top speed. To stand on the board, lie on the chest with the head up and looking ahead. Put the hands on the board by the shoulders with palms down like you want to do a push. At this point, push the body up and sweep the feet under you on the middle of the surfboard. Remember to keep low as you come up because standing erect at once will cause you to fall.

Take the position of the sumo wrestler and press the feet shoulder while gripping the board with both feet. Make sure to have the hands higher than the waist and focus ahead. Make sure to look up because if you look at the board, you will fall. Make sure to practice for several hours with a person watching and critiquing your performance every move. The baseline to approaching surfing is being calm and getting in control of the board, weight, and direction…

Surfing safety for beginners

• For you to enjoy and succeed in surfing, it is prudent to maintain good health at all times. Make sure you eat well, engage in fitness training and utilize home remedies for chlamydia.
• As a beginner, always wear a leg rope tied to the board.
• Never push the board via water fins first because it can be dangerous as the board wants to move in the opposite direction.
• As a beginner make sure to use a rash guard to prevent rubbed rush on the stomach.
• If you fall off the board, cover the head with both hands with wrists closing the ears and stay under water for a moment to let the wave pass.

The Best Ways to Regain your Confidence

Sometimes your confidence can take a knock, or perhaps you never had any in the first place. Whether you want to re-build your confidence, or you want to gain some for the first time, there are ways you can go about it.

These days a lot of people assume that in order to be confident, you need to be rich, good looking, and even be famous. This is not the case at all, everyone no matter who you are, can have confidence. The trick is that you need to work out how to get the confidence you need, without hurting yourself, or other people.

Think about what you’re good at

Those with little or no self-confidence are good at telling themselves what they can’t do. Now you need to turn this around, at think about what you’re good at, what you can do. Everyone is good at something, and it’s this aspect of your life that probably makes you feel a bit better about yourself. It’s time for you to concentrate on the positive side of life, rather than continually looking at the negative. Doing this will help you to feel better about yourself, and about life in general.

Give yourself a break

Many people are just too hard on themselves, and they concentrate on their failures rather than the good things in their life. No matter who you are, you will always fail at something, but how you respond to those failures is paramount. Give yourself a break, realize that you cannot be good at everything, and remember you’re only human. Be kinder to yourself, and life will seem better.

Work on your appearance if it will make you feel better

If there is something about your appearance that you don’t like, why not try to do something about it? Ok so you may not want to under-go plastic surgery, but places like Invisalign NW Calgary can work on your smile. Alternatively, you may want to opt for a new hair style, buy some new clothes, or get into shape. If it will make you feel better about yourself, why not work on your appearance? Be sensible about it, and you could start to gain some self-confidence.

Stand up straight

Now you may be wondering why I’m suggesting this, but stick with me on it. When you stand up straight, you automatically feel a little better. You have a change in your body language, and you will feel more confident in very little time. Standing up straight is better for your health than slouching, and it can also help you to look taller, and slimmer too. People will treat you differently if you stand up straight as it’s a more assertive pose (Without being over the top), and in turn you will feel even better about it.

There are realistic and inexpensive ways to make yourself feel better. Just take one day at a time, and try to work on the issues that aren’t making you feel too good. When you do gain some confidence, be nice to others because they too may be fighting a confidence battle that you know nothing about.

Great Beaches in Europe

Our lady beach, France

Spread in 40km of coastline, along the Riviera French, this attractive beach is best for all sorts of holidays. Whether you are with your friends or family, the vibrant atmosphere of the beach will leave you fascinated. Bordered by the beautiful pine forests, the obvious blue water of the beach will advise you to swim and take a refreshing bath in it but don’t forget to get best tripods for travel in this beach.

Navagio Beach, Greece.

Also called as the shipwreck Beach, Navagio beach is the most charming beach in the Greence that has to be one your list while taking a journey to the Europe. The crystal clear water, picturesque sights, limestone, and white sand beaches make it a famous attraction among visitors from all over the globe.

Zlatni Rat Beach, Croatia

Often known as the Golden Cape, Zlatni Rat is a beach placed on the southern coast of Croatic Brac island, which is popular for transparent water and white pebble beach that makes it a best spot for the windsurfers. The astonishing views of the waves and tides cannot be found anywhere in the globe. Take your camera and surfing suits and head to this stunning beach soon.

Calo des Moro, Spain

This is yet another amazing beach which is spread in a region of 6 kilometres in the southeast of Mallorca. A best spot for snorkeling, swimming, diving beach is also best place for the children who play different spots and make sand castles without any issue. The blue water and white sand of the beach force you to stay there for long and get lost in its magical beauty. A boat ride can be enjoyed here as well.

St. Tropez, France

This is one of the most famous beaches in Europe. Due to its status, St Tropez is costly is crowded with visitors. Despite all of this, it still encourages visitors every year because of its charming resorts and beaches, festivals, wineries and casinos. St. Tropez is also popular for its nude beaches, but as with any other place, be sure to maintain the right etiquette white visiting.

Playa de las Canteras, Spain

This is an amazing option for sunbathing and snorkeling, and is in simple reach of hotels, standard restaurants and lively bars. Guests have also praised the beach safety and cleanliness for swimming, making it a perfect option for children. For anyone looking for an affordable all inclusive holidays to Spain, this beach is perfect for you. Notable for its clear water and pristine sands, the beach is extremely spacious and is not as crowded as other famous Spanish beaches.

Degersand Beach, Finland

Both enchanting in winter, and amazingly optimistic and bright throughout the summer, Finaland is where trendy quick-paced cities blend with secluded, fascinating wilderness. Take a little flight from Vibrant Helsinki to rural Aland Island, one of six thousand craggy mounds forming the archipelago of the same name. Head west to the area of Eckero for the beautiful blustery Degersand beach, best for kayaking, kite surfing, and sticking your toes into the sand. For more detail visit wingspreader travel.


The best ways to relax after a days’ surfing

When you’ve spent all day in the water, you’re likely to be feeling tired. Surfing may be a way of life, but it can also be hard work. This is why it’s important for you to relax after a day’s surfing, so that you can get back in the water at the next available opportunity.

Here are some of my relaxation tips:

Go for a walk/h3>

I know what you’re thinking “I’ve been catching waves all day, the last thing I want to do is get more exercise”. When you’ve been surfing all day, you’re likely to be a little stiff. Going for a walk will help to loosen you up a bit, and ensure you’re not really stiff the next day. You don’t have to go for a long walk, just a short one will do.

Meet up with friends and family

Now and again I like to meet up with friends and family. Sometimes we get together for a meal out, or even a meal at someone’s house. This is a really nice way to relax, and it can prove to be a really nice end to a really good day.

Take a long hot bath

Washing the sea salt out of your hair and skin can only be a good thing. I know you’ve spent all day getting wet, but the salt can affect your skin. You may want to shower at the beach if there are facilities available, but that’s not always do-able. Have a long hot soak in the bath and feel relaxed.

Watch a movie

Watching a movie can be quite relaxing too. The last thing I did was to search for Star Wars The Force Awakens movietube online, rather than rent a DVD. However you watch a movie, lie or sit on the sofa, and feel yourself unwind.

If you don’t fancy watching a movie, you could always watch something on television instead. Catch up on your favorite TV series, or a good documentary.

Read a book

I like to read a book when I want to relax after a days’ surfing. It helps me to relax, and it’s a bit of escapism. I really do like nothing more than a day at the beach, and then a good book in the evening.

As you can see, there are some great ways to help you relax. You don’t have to take notice of my suggestions though, you may be able to come up with some of your own. Whatever it is that you decide to do, enjoy yourself, and then head back to the waves, the next time you get the chance.


What’s the best gift to buy a surfer?

If you’re thinking about buying a Christmas gift for the surfer in your life, then you may be feeling a little stuck. What do you get a surfer for the festive season? Do you get them a new board hoping it’s the right one? Do you buy them some lessons and hope they don’t feel insulted

Trust me, I know how hard it is to shop for a gift for a surfer, my brother happens to be one, and I’ve felt lost quite a few times. Here are a few things that you may want to consider buying the surfer in your life, whether it’s for the festive season, their birthday, or just because:

A wet suit

A wet suit can in reality be a bit of a lifesaver, as it’s what keeps the surfer dry and warm(ish). If their wet suit has seen better days, or they simply don’t have one, then opt for one that is ideal for wear during the colder months. Make sure you buy the right size wet suit of course, but if you’re not sure, include the receipt in the gift that you wrap up.

Ear plugs

There’s almost nothing worse than getting water in the ears, but you can remedy this by giving a surfer some ear plugs. These are great as they can help to keep the water out, while also ensuring they can hear what’s going on while they surf.

An insulated jacket

It can get pretty cold out there on the beach, even once you’ve changed into your clothes and dried your hair. Combat this problem by buying the surfer in your life an insulated jacket that can help to keep them warm, but also allow them to move around a little too. Let them get on and cook on the BBQ using the right tools, and the Best Chef’s Knives you got them last year, while sporting the insulated jacket you got them this year.

A changing mat

These mats are such a great idea as they help to protect a wet suit against rough surfaces that they may come into contact with while the surfer is changing. What’s more is the mat can also be used as a bag too, so there’s a bonus in it for the receiver.


The accessories that you need when you’re hitting the waves on a regular basis, can be quite expensive. Do the surfer in your life a bit of a favour, and get them some for Christmas. Ask around about some of the better brands, but don’t worry you won’t have to spend too much. Sometimes getting the surfer in your life a few good accessories means they can get on and enjoy doing what they do best, knowing you’ve given them everything they need to take care of their board.

As you can see, surfers can make use of quite a few novel items, so why not see what you can get the surfer in your life for Christmas